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Memories.....Walmart and Gayism :D
by benni_shamoe (benni_shamoe)
at February 22nd, 2008 (09:26 pm)

This discussion took place Aug 7, 2007 at 2:40 am...lovely!

F= fufu_thing
B= benni_shamoe

F: i love chocolate! why do u think most of my friends r black. just kidding. after i eat chocolate i do a happy dance  which consists of me doing the twist, the running man, and the worm. i'm an ass.

B: looooooooooooooooooooool...i never really danced after chocolate..but chocolate makes me horny :S

F: u can do the horizontal tango... or w/e kids call it these days.

B: lol, u make us sound sooo old...

F: c'mon. im sure kids half our age our doing it on the playground right NOW. when they're like "momma, i got a booboo", we know what kinda booboo they got...

B: hahaha, "momma, i want a booboo :'( "

F: exactly. have u heard the phrase: " down the slide, up the butt" ? of course u haven't. i made it up right now.

B: hahahahah....i will definitely use quote you once in a while then.....

Moudi having a casual conversation with a friend at a dinner party:

"yes, sex is a marvelous thing. A friend of mine, fufu_thing, once quoted "down the slide, up the butt". He was a famous scholar you know. Its insane what kids do these days"

guest: "totally agree. Now moudi, when u say down the slide, you're referring to the dick, right?|

Moudi: " :l "

F: its always important to discuss such philosophical and profound topics such as babied fucking each other. it can only enlighten the world. With war and struggle in the world, why not about child bondage, preschool ass play, and toddler orgies. Oh those wild toddler orgies. They get wasted on grape juice and high on glue sticks and go wild. They use jolly rancher wrappers as condoms too. how do i know this? alas, i am a sick sick man

B: i thought i was the only one with a dirty mind! oh thank the sex gods!! Well, yes, profound topics such as the aforementioned are topics of great concern to me. I believe that these topics can really save world hunger, not to mention solve wars. Now is Saddam Hussein blew George Bush off, wouldnt that put an end to the war in Iraq? Or if the all the leaders of middle eastern countries and the leader of Israel had one big orgy (oh throw in the french and german leaders too), now..look at what a happy place this would be? Ah yes, sex..toddlers, adults, politicians, teachers..the world would be such a pleasant place to live in

F: Yep, Saddam should blow Bush while he's in his grave. lol.

If the senate all had sex and rolled around in glitter, gay marriage would be legalized mid-orgasm.

"i here by...oh gahd..pronounce this bill of.. gaddammn...ss-ss-same -ss-ssex mmarriage... sonuvabitch... legal! Oops, sorry Cheney. Did I get that in your eye."
or w/e they say. the only news i watch is on E! or sometimes VH1 or MTV.

but i seriously agree. sex makes everything better. have u ever had angry sex and stayed angry. nuh-uh. neva eva


F: and surely it'll end world hunger. Cum keps me full for weeks.

B: and surely it'll end world hunger. Cum keps me full for weeks.

F: full of protein and a delicious after taste if u ask me. oh! and it's not that bad of mousturizer. We should come out with a brand of commercial semen.

CUM... taste the rainbow.

B: lol...why dont they market that sort of stuff..they really would make money...

F: i'll tell u why, my friend. if they sold cum juice/ mosturizer, gays (and whores) would rule the economy. big hairy men in leather vests would be greeting us at Wal-Mart.

B: NO! NO! NO! nice smooth hot looking beach type boys will be greeting us :D

F: oops. my bad. hot surfer dudes will greet us in speedos that they fill out quite well. And they'll say, "welcome to WalMart. We're having a special on dildos, glow sticks, and madonna tickets. Buy over $100 worth of merchandise and you'll get a reach-around for half price."

Wal-mart has some great deals.

B: lol...........walmart should open a sex store..it opened up everything else...

F: Up Against the Wal-Mart?

B: lets....we'll do it in San Fransisco though...more people will support us there :D

F: yeh, i live like 20 min from Castro. i'm sure all the small sex shops will burn down our Up Against the Wall-Mart because it'll be so popular and awesome. but we'll be rich. RICH i tell u! muahahaha!!!!

B: YES! YES!! RICH!!! and you know what? we shall have lots and lots of fabulous shoes and cars :D EEEEKKK

F: omg! i so can't wait for us to be rich. we'll get so much ass. we can travel to the hottest spots. get the coolest stuff. like the more respectable, hotter, gay guy versions of paris hilton (though i think she might be a dude. ick)
all because of our gay wal-mart. now i know why they're icon thing is a smily house. if i was as rich as the walmart owners, i'd be smilin' too. damn! oh. and i love shoes and cars. great minds think alike.

F: smily house? oops. i meant face. lol

B: i was wondering what u were referring to there...i hate that smiley though..it got tacky after many years.

F: i never understood the smiley face.except its round so it rolls. rolls. fat rolls, perhaps. but our wal-mart should have a less lame logo thingy. i can't think of ne thing...

B: how about a a dick? or a guy dancing

F: or a guy dirty dancing on a dick that flashes bright colors. that way, people will understand we are a serious, classy company who aim to please our customers. good thinking. we need to get on this.
america (and the world!) will never be the same. Imagine: our faces on the cover of forbes for the richest bitches ever! *squeals*


F: haha. no seriously...

and it ended here :)  really twisted minds...in really twisted people!!!

by benni_shamoe (benni_shamoe)
at February 22nd, 2008 (08:45 pm)

Ray...u there? i miss this place...brings back the memories...hehe

Rai Minh [userpic]
by Rai Minh (fufu_thing)
at August 14th, 2007 (06:00 pm)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 

Thanks for visiting our page. You know what to do. Talk about strippers and whores! DUH!!!

My whore eperience:

All who know me are aware, I am a total slut. My whoriest moment was when I hooked up with 5 other guys at my buddies house. It was kinda crazy but seriously hot. We didn't actually have full on sex. we kept our panties on... but there was a lot of kissing and humping. I even got bruises! But I didn't get paid so I don't know if it's really whorish aas much as it is sluttish. :(

by benni_shamoe (benni_shamoe)
at August 14th, 2007 (06:45 pm)

Its here..its really really here...all i ever dreamed of!!! haha....

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